Modern Digital Marketing Ideas to Draw In Customers


Many businesses, even recession-resistant laundromat models, experience this issue – Trying to capture the attention among customers in a digital world where we have access to instant information from different sources. How will you be able to stand out from the many competitors within your community?

This is where laundromat digital marketing services from companies like Spynr come along. But  before hiring an agency, you’ll want to be knowledgeable about what digital marketing is and the strategies you can use. Read on to learn about the modern digital marketing ideas that can work for your laundromat.

  1. Create a Website

Don’t just only create a website. You should create a modern one. You don’t need to design a complex website, you can create a simple page or two. That said, you want to go a bit more than something simple, any laundry service marketing agency will advise you to have at least a semi-recently updated website that’s easy to use.

Not only will an updated website benefit your customers, but it increases your business’ value on search engines like Google.

Again, no need to have a super expensive or custom website. Just make sure that it includes all the necessary information, including your store location and services.

You can then transition to more advanced digital marketing by turning your site into a lead capture for special promos as you collect people’s contact information.

  1. Consider Search Ads

After establishing your website, you can then run search or pay-per-click ads, which drive traffic to the site. In turn you can drive traffic to your store.

If you’re unfamiliar with what search ads are, these are one of the first results that show up on the webpage when searching for related keywords. You can use these strategically to show up on search engine results pages when someone searches keywords like “laundromat near me.”

One key benefit of using search ads is how you can set a personalized bid and pay only when people click on your ad. That way, it’s possible to have a ton of brand impressions for free!

  1. Register Your Location

It’s best to claim your store location on Google Maps and Apple Maps. That way, when potential customers from your area search for “laundromats near me,” they will see your store.

When you claim your location, you can also create a business page, including other details like your website link and opening hours. This is a good start to optimizing your digital presence.

  1. Utilize Social Media

There’s no denying that social media has become an excellent way to keep in touch with your existing customers while drawing in new ones into your store. Invite your current customers visiting your store to like or follow your social media pages, then use them to post your business updates, promos, special events, and other campaigns that can entice customers.

Wrapping It Up

Consider using any of these digital marketing ideas to improve your laundromat’s online presence!

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